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Client Reviews

Allyn Clark 

           "Kyle and his wife Marilou did a wonderful job! They were very understanding and willing to work with our companies timeline and needs. They spent a great deal of time speaking with us to learn what we were looking for before even begining the project. That showed us they really cared and wanted to be sure we got a quality product that was exactly what we were looking for! I would certainly use their services agian in the future"

           "Great response time. Prompt and professional"

Dennis Cummins

“          Kyle was very professional and truly experienced in what we did. I gave him an idea of what I wanted for our web site video and he came back with a completely scripted video format that was perfect in every way. Kyle made it fun and easy to put together. It must have taken him hours to edit it. I can’t believe the low price we paid for all we got. I plan on doing two more with him for my other site. I’m definitely spreading the word. ”

Kevin Floyd

“          Kyle and Marylou are an amazing and polished team. The Bryant’s came prepared and ready to capture our story and helped to create our powerful and important message. The individuals that were interviewed felt at ease and comfortable with the entire process. This was a truly rewarding experience and I can not wait for the world to see what Cinesational Video Productions , Kyle and Marylou have created for us!! ”

Dennis Catmull

            “Kyle is trustworthy and always willing to go the extra mile when necessary. He works hard, is fair in his pricing, and he has a great imagination. If you’re a startup that’s even better as he helps champion your cause.”

Wayne Faligowski

“          I have worked with Kyle on several projects and believe his talents are second to none. He is an outstanding director, producer, editor, location scout, etc.You name it, he’s done it. The videos we worked on together were professionally done and well received by our clients. Kyle is an excellent videographer and a pleasure to work with.”

Mike Titchenal

          “I hired Kyle to shoot a presentation I was giving. They were prompt in both set-up and turning the deliverable around. The deliverable? A DVD with my talk and the presentation that I used intermixed. They did a fantastic job! Will hire again.”

Rick C.

          “Kyle produced a well designed video of the non-verbal clowning which my late wife and I did at Providence Portland Hospital. That also included an interview piece with Kirby Brumfield for a program Kyle was then producing. His skills and sensitivity not only to details of filming and editing, but his willingness to go the extra mile to make sure the thrust of the occasion he was videoing was what we wanted and then even more. His sensitivity to details and also the insights into what was wanted to be shown in the video was super. It was more than a video shoot for him. Kyle saw it as an opportunity to reveal what went into our clowning that was more than a little “show”.
We sought to bring some gentle healing to patients. He sensitively caught that experience both for the patients and staff as well as what the experience meant to us as a couple of non-verbal clowns on the cardiac ward where I had been a patient. He worked well within the hospital’s systems and received their ok to do the filming. He had the patients, the hospital and us two clowns deepest concerns in mind to reveal the meaning behind not only what we did, but an awareness of how the patient’s responded. He was most sensitive to all of the experiences that unfolded as he captured us, without having a script as to what would happen next. It was a live shoot and sensitive editing to make a meaningful expression of what our non-verbal clowning ministry was about. Kudos to him.”

Bud Frimoth

           “Kyle created a memorial montage for both my mother and father’s celebration of life gatherings. These work’s of art were an integral part of each ceremony.”

Kathleen Kerry

           “Kyle has been my trusted production go to person for many years. He has amazing integrity and gets the job done on schedule. Kyle cares and produces a quality product.”

Patrice Kuchulis

           “I have known Kyle and his wife for several years. Not only are they great friends. but they are also a fantastic professional videography and production team.”

Mohammad Gharib

            “Kyle has a legacy of talent from his father, television personality Ted Bryant. Together they produced shows for local channels and Kyle has been capturing life on film ever since. I’ve know Kyle close to 30 years. He photographed my son for me and has documented some of the most important times in my life. He is a meticulous producer/director and cameraman. He is proficient in all types of video work. So far he has created two reality show pilots and is equally amazing in private and commercial endeavors. He is absolutely honest and brings an old fashioned work ethic with him to every shoot. I wholeheartedly recommend him for all video needs.”

Joan Ayala

            “Kyle and Marylou Bryant were a pleasure to work with. They treated both their cast and crew like family. I can’t wait, and it will be an honor, to work with them both again!”

Tabitha Williams

“           Kyle and I met while working at Lowe’s in Tigard, OR. We became friends while working together. Kyle is a very talented and great person with an excellent ethic and attitude.”

C Shane Minor

“           Kyle has an obvious passion for his business and his line of work. I have personally seen him spend countless hours invested in projects that he has no financial bind to. Kyle differs from other videographers in that he is the first to catch the small stuff that makes life worth taping. He has forever captured beautiful moments of my family, that I did not even notice in the moment!”

Melissa Chotkowski Peake

          “Kyle is a good man with a good plan. Recommending him is a no-brainer!”

Brenda Bush

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